COMING SOON. 2024/25

A story about power, jealousy, and alliances.

BACKSTAGE is a dance drama that delves into the psychology and drive to be the best. It explores how far KIRA and EVE are willing to go under the influence of SEBASTIAN a manipulative dance director who isolates and pushes his dancers to the limits. This is a story about power, jealousy and alliance.


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As a director, I am passionate about telling stories that are true to the human experience in a digestible way through cinema. Being born in Colombia and raised in Miami has given me a rich cultural perspective, allowing me to explore and integrate diverse nuances into my storytelling. My interdisciplinary background has ultimately always led back to one central idea : creating a world one sees themselves in. As a director, I am grateful to have the opportunity to use these skills to curate a cinematic experience that not only engages audiences but makes them feel something.

A world without culture creates no heritage and no colours. It is essential for humans to save the legacy of ancestors and for us - at least to screen and save it. By doing so, we believe that our mission and aims will be appreciated.

Cindy Pardo Leon


Edvin Cetyrkovski


I've had the privilege of starting my journey through the Arts Council. Based in West Wales, I've been crafting narratives for the Poetry Archive, focusing on women's stories. I'm passionate about presenting profound themes in a way that is accessible and entertaining. This project presents an exciting opportunity for me to collaborate with women in film, thereby not only broadening the range of voices represented in cinema but also opening up new avenues of working with cultures outside the UK.

Matt Thompson

Director of Photography

Hello yall , my name is Archer Merry and I am the production designer on this amazing project. A project like this gives those who have delt with these kind of subject and voice instead of being in the dark. This is my first time working on dance film and I can wait to work and boogie the house down.

Punya Sethi is a sound recordist, sound designer and editor from India and is currently based in London. She is currently pursuing her masters degree in post production at UAL, and hold a bachelors degree in Film Direction. She has previously worked in the Hindi film industry.

Punya Sethi


Archer Merry

Production Designer

Alicia Li

Sound Designer

Alicia is an editor and a certificated colourist who covers both fiction and non-fiction. Her editing work on 'The World of Two' earned a Finalist Award at SWIFF 2023, and 'That Summer' won the Outstanding Works Award at the 7th Shanghai Cinenext Film Exhibition; and she was the Colour Supervisor on JIEMIAN's series documentary. She holds a BA in Filmmaking from XJTLU and is now pursuing an MA in Film at UAL, specializing in Post-Production. ‘To see behind walls, to draw closer’. This is her favourite line from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.