Isabella Mars


Isabella Mars is all about the community in which it exist. Her first official campaign in 13 years is a celebration of that community that was built along the way.

Stoke Newington. A couple of artists getting ready to perfom. A glimpse behind the scenes for those who get to enjoy only after the curtains. This is a family and the viewer is a part of it.

In this story, the camera and us ‘the outsider’ become one. The outsider comes into the backstage as a documentarian but as the story progresses, they become a part of the team: we join the circus.

The Team

CAST & Models. Sabrina Rosu. Libby Woodhead. Ketlina Kairyte
CREW. Director Ami
Executive Producer Ellen Hao
Producer Edvin Cetyrkovski
1st AD Cindy Pardo
Director of Photography Zhicheng Li
Creative Director & Stylist Josephine Jollibeth Soto.
Assistant Stylist Liam
Art Department Mafer Ramirez. Aayushi Bose. Chiara Ferramosca. Christos Vakirtzis
Photographer Mancheng Ma