Going, Going

While an invasion leads a community to erupt into chaos, a mother must make a difficult decision within the confines of her home.


Martha Anna Gregoletto Bettin

Henry Rolph Angelucci-Edwards


Director - Shangzhi Fu
Producer - Edvin Edward Cetyrkovski
Writer - Jennie Cardin
Director of Photography - Eric Lam
Production Designer - Mint Jangphairot
Editor - Punya Sethi
Colourist - Eric Lam
Sound Designer - Alicia Li
Composer - Libo Wang
1st Assistant Camera - Sabrina Peaker
2nd Assistant Camera - Sabrina Rosu
Gaffer - Zhicheng Li Justin Mak
DIT - Sabrina Rosu
Assistant Production Designer - Yulia Liu,  Angela Xiao
Sound Recordist Alicia Li
Boom Operator Lucia Deng
Script Supervisors Angela Axial,  Keke Zhang